1)  Application is for education year beginning September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019 and must be made on or before June 1, 2019. A new application must be submitted each year to qualify for the College. Pleasesee “Admission Requirements” on website listed below.

2)  Qualified course work must be taken pursuant to the Texas Justice Court Judges Association’s CoreCurriculum Guidelines. (See www.tjcja.org “College of JCJ” link for these documents.)

3)  Please complete this application and return by fax, email or mail to:

Judge Greg Magee
P.O. Box 156
Point Blank, Texas 77364

(936) 377-2131 office

(936) 205-1650 fax


Confirmation of receipt of your application will be made to the email address on your application.

4)  Upon completion of each qualified seminar, submit attendance or certification document by fax or email to Judge Magee at the address above. The document must certify the number of hours in attendance at the seminar and the course subject matterDeadline for submission of documents for the 2019 education year is September 11, 2019. Documentation of completion of mandatory education requirements must also be provided.

5)  Inductees to the College must be a 2019 member of the Texas Justice Court Judges Association by the end of the 2019 Education year.

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